Hello world!

This time we've made a game for bad guys. You control a super cute germ covered by colorful jelly (yes, we're sure it's for bad guys, don't be distracted by cuteness grin). It's a super resistent germ which has to survive inside a human body. Of course it would try to kill you (you're an evil germ, don't forget it), but you have 4 colorful and powerful skills:

  • Green: Throw a sticky jelly to the walls arround you. Then, press left or rigth arrow to stick yourself to the wall.
  • Blue: Throw a projectile to kill enemies.
  • Purple: Make a quick dash forward.
  • Yellow: Throw yellow jelly on the ground to jump higher.

You would have to figth some body soldiers too. Don't forget you're inside a human body and he doesn't like you. You would be able to figth the cute colorful lymphocytes attacking them but if you're wise, you will learn to disguise yourself to pass unnoticed without wasting jelly.

Remember: Jelly is Life. If you waste all your jelly… GAME OVER



arrow_left arrow_up arrow_down arrow_right

Jump: Space bar

Change colour:

  • Green: Q
  • Blue: W
  • Purple: E
  • Yellow: R

Skills (change colour to use your skills)

  • Sticky: Q
  • Attack: W
  • Dash: E
  • Bounce: R


Unity Engine



Sibelius 7.5



Art: Korien Designs Instagram

Programmers: Jose Carlos Romero Twitter and Lilneko (it was his first LDJAM).

Music and sounds: Elena Rodríguez

We're Ethereal Psyche Games and we hope you enjoyed our game. If you did, you can follow us in social media smile

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